Friday Links

Here’s a picture of beautiful and grand Union Station I took when I was there for a meeting earlier this week.  It’s just one more thing I love about DC.

This weekend, Mr. B and I are headed to the Poconos with a bunch of family with no Internet connection.  Morituri te saultant.

From the blogs:

  1. Jodi on marketing and how it affects us
  2. Registan on Wikileaks
  3. Goatmilk’s sweet play and cover
  4. The Harpies on why Chelsea’s wedding doesn’t matter
  5. Dovbear on a sweet picture
  6. Petya on her very touching grandma

From the Interwebs:

  1. A Visual Introduction to an Afghan Woman’s Mutilation
  2. Postcards from Language Camp
  3. Half-Japanese and Half-Russian=my mind blown
  4. Old Jewish man jokes
  5. Did you hear about how crazy Putin is?
  6. Speaking like a human at work
  7. Pop icons in a different light
  8. The real housewives of Moscow…please sign me up?



7 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Dude, we have a house in the Poconos! Where will you guys be? We’re heading out there in two weeks … the house is being neglected.

    But, um, we have internet there :D

    1. We were at Lake Ariel. Where’s your house? Do you own it outright as a vaycay home? I remember you staying there for a couple of weeks. Unfortuantely, we had no internet…but it was a lot better than I expected. :)

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