Friday Links!

Yesterday, as Mr. B and I are taking a walk:

Me: So, a Pinkberry just opened in Denver and there are ridiculous lines.
Mr. B:  Pinkberry’s going to be a mainstay in the future.
Me:  I think this whole frozen yogurt thing is a huge fad and the market is oversaturated, just like it got in the 1980s.
Mr. B: (defensively) No it’s not. Frozen yogurt is here to stay and so is the healthy food movement.
**20-minute argument about whether frozen yogurt is a fad or will stay and how it relates to the healthy food movement**
Mr. B:  It’s not a fad. I’m going to make sure of that.  I’m going to e-mail everyone I know to eat frozen yogurt. I am going to spam the hell out of my whole mailing list.
Me: Ah! The truth comes out.  It’s not a fad because you don’t want it to be a fad because you love frozen yogurt. Who are you going to spam, your grandparents?  And then they’ll go to Pinkberry with their Macs and their hipster glasses?
Mr. B: Yes.  And I’m going to make sure everyone else loves it, too. I’ll e-mail our family and tell them frozen yogurt supports Israel.  They’ll eat it.
Me: What are you, the kingmaker of desserts?
Mr. B: Correct.

This is the man I live with.


  1. Lindsey on Nutella
  2. Jill’s very touching post on sending her husband off to Iraq for a year
  3. Monica asks whether you use the f word online
  4. Jewschool on the implications for Russian Jews in Israel re: the Rotem conversion bill
  5. Neil on thinktank internships
  6. Jodi on what Americans eat
  7. The Harpies on commenters


  1. The web means the end of forgetting
  2. Project Completely Crazy
  3. Polyandry in India
  4. Lattes and hot showers in Afghanistan
  5. That website, I write like, was created by a Russian
  6. Czechoslovakian matchboxes from the 1960s



One thought on “Friday Links!

  1. Please tell Mr. B that I was living in Tel Aviv when frozen yogurt became THE HUGEST THING ON EARTH in Israel. I had a good friend sink everything she and her musician husband owned into her frozen yogurt place.

    Then have him ask me where all the frozen yogurt places are nao….


    It’s the whole Israel/Diaspora story from last week ALL OVER AGAIN! Sad to say.

    (Shabbat shalom, babies!)

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