Friday Links

Being touristy with Mr. B from a couple weeks ago.  This weekend?  Hoping to bike around D.C.

From the blogs

  1. Frum satire on feminism and Judaism ;also, along the same vein on the same site, a single trapped in a religion of married people
  2. Wendi bravely struggled through her triathlon
  3. Roba on a cute and unusual music video
  4. J.D. writes about the perspectives of a bigger house

From the internet

  1. Skittles Vodka..for the sadist in you
  2. Some Russian Jews
  3. Some more Russian Jews
  4. The evolution of the hipster
  5. How can I have this?
  6. Fictional towns
  7. The best 100 sites for women…debatable, but a cool list.  surprising how many I read.
  8. A comic about corporate compliance. Really.
  9. Postcards from hell



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