Mr. B’s mom inspires me to drive Mr. B to dehydration

Somehow, I talked Mr. B into running a 5k with me on July 4.  Also, Mr. B’s mom.  My parents declined to participate, despite the fact that they also run and bike actively, probably because they are intimidated by Mr. B’s mom:

That’s her beasting before we went biking together last month.  I have to admit that I am terrified of her.  Not only has she has proven her mental prowess, she bikes 30 miles per week in addition to tennis and running.

This woman will be running the 5k with us. And she will place ahead of both of us.

So, to train and to not be embarrassed, I prodded Mr. B to bike along along the Mount Vernon trail last Saturday.

The only problem was, by the time we’d eaten breakfast and walked to the bike rental place (a mile away), it was already 11:30 on a June Saturday in Heatwavington, D.C., and I could feel my skin melting into the sidewalk.  By the time we got on the trail, it was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and, even though we were drinking water, that water was completing the hydration cycle quickly by going right into the pavement via our sweat.

After an hour, we’d only gone about 10 miles and had to head back to the bike rental place when Mr. B said that his head was hurting despite the fact that he’d drunk all his water and I worried that this time around, I would be the widow and have to go on JDate* to look for new potential husbands.

I honestly could have gone further, mainly because I had this mental picture, the mental picture of a woman about to crush you.

Mr. B and I recovered, but I don’t know how we’ll fare in the 5k this weekend.  I’m not too worried, though, because I think if we pass out, Mr. B’s mom will pick both of us up and run with us over her shoulders.  It’ll be more challenging and enjoyable  for her that way.

*I’ve threatened to go on JDate before to look for new husbands, but for some reason, Mr. B is usually nonplussed by these announcements because, according to him, “Who else is going to put up with the fact that you don’t peel your own oranges and demand weekly foot massages?”


Healthcare and the best of the summer

I need to schedule a physical because I’m pretty sure I have restless overreactive brain syndrome which will result in my untimely death and Mr. B becoming a young widower who finally gets some peace and quiet and doesn’t have to answer my annoying questions.  This is in spite of the fact that I am now virtually bulletproof.    But,  I’ve been having some trouble scheduling my physical.

There are several issues at hand here.  First,  there is no free market for medicine in America (or in most places) and I am forced to  choose between whatever is available from my company-sponsored healthcare plan.So I am already segmented into a specific group of doctors and can’t choose who I want.

The other problem is that healthcare knowledge is generally not public knowledge, at least to my knowledge,  so there is no rating system a-la Yelp for doctors other than word-of-mouth from those in the same healthcare plan as you. (Although there have been some attempts.)

So I end up having to root around on my insurance company’s website for a list of doctors near my office and I get a list of physicians that includes their name, address, medical school, and specialty, which is not much to go by at all.

The process ends up going something like this,

So, for now, I am stuck.  If I could, I would really stay away from Soviet-educated doctors. But other than that, I have no information upon which to base my decision.  This is extremely frustrating on several levels, one of which is that I can’t go to my old pediatrician anymore since he retired and therefore cannot receive a Tootsie Pop when I’m done with my visit.

Eventually, I’ll suck it up and pick one at random.

It’s not as big of a problem as this post makes it out to be.  But I really just wanted an excuse to post that last tweet one more time, because it’s the best thing I’ve written all summer.


Friday Links

Being touristy with Mr. B from a couple weeks ago.  This weekend?  Hoping to bike around D.C.

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About the mainstream media


For Friday Links, for my posts on Jewlicious, and for my posts on Walrus,  I read dozens of news stories and blogs per day to stay current in the international news sphere, the Russiasphere, and the Jewesphere. This is why I am able to bring you pictures of ugly Obama rugs from Afghanistan.   Also, obviously, I have Nutella on Google Alerts.

Anna Tarkov, fellow ex-Soviet Jew, but more importantly astute journalist, has profiled me in a cool series she’s doing about news consumers and what news media need to do to catch up to them and become profitable again.   From the post, here are my top complaints about the media:

My general complaints are that the print/tv news media treats the Internet as some disgusting thing under a microscope that it has to handle with kid gloves all while not knowing anything about it (see any mainstream report on Twitter, tumblr, etc, which are always way behind the curve). It’s painful, like watching a baby deer trying to walk for the first time.

For online media, my complaint is that often the writers don’t understand the topics they’re covering. Best recent example of this is this post (or “news item”) because they’re on such short deadlines that they don’t stop to examine and analyze why what they’re writing about is important to the news consumer. You could be writing about a new toaster that cures cancer for all I care. Please put some context behind what you write.

My overall complaint for both print AND online is the bias. Oh, God, the bias. As a writer, I realize it’s impossible to write without bias. But if I have to read CNN AND BBC AND a local paper while referring to this handout to find out what the problem is with the oil spill, you’re doing it wrong.


I Perform Public Services

Have you ever wanted to learn Russian, but not even real Russian but pidgin English-Russian contorted by decades of living in immigratsiya?  It’s your lucky day.  Today, I’m blogging at Yelena’s blog, The Transparent Language Blog, about The Habits of the Russian Immigrant in America during the Summer.  Also, I continuously blog for Jewlicious, so you can check me out over there.

For those coming over from the language blog, welcome.   It’s weird here.

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