Vicki’s Marriage Advice

The Boykis wedding torte. I hear it was delicious.And the Aladdin cake topper, which I struggled valiantly for, since certain family members thought it was "too terrorist."

Chaviva is getting married today.  This is a big deal, for a number of reasons, including the fact that she has been undergoing an arduous journey in converting to Judaism, one that finally came full circle several months ago with her Orthodox conversion.

As  a fellow Jew and one that has been married for almost two years, I feel completely qualified to give marriage advice. This whole episode is making me extremely sentimental remembering our own Jewish wedding which satisfied almost none of the requirements of a Jewish wedding and only some of the requirements of a Russian wedding.

But, regardless, I think we’ve had a pretty solid marriage so far.

So, here are my tips for marriage to newlyweds.

  1. Compromise. If you can’t compromise, wait it out.  Then throw it away.
  2. Build a home together. Then destroy it and become minimalist.
  3. Go to experiences that unite you.
  4. Go to experiences that may make you parapalegic.
  5. Marry Russian.
  6. Maintain sanity in the household.
  7. And screw yourself over every once in a while.

Mazal tov to the newlyweds.




4 thoughts on “Vicki’s Marriage Advice

  1. But you didn’t give any WEDDING advice!
    Here, let me chip in:

    1. You can’t make every member of the family happy. This is what judaism and east-europeanism is all about. So don’t fret, and make sure you two are happy with what you decided.
    2. There will be, trust me on this, mentions of your duty to have children, preferably right now, during the speeches. Just smile and nod. If you’re feeling extra mean, pointedly rub your belly during the “have babies now, i’m not gonna live much longer” speech.

    3. Have fun! and Mazal Tov!

    1. I have no wedding advice. Namely because I acquiesced to 80% of everything that was requested of me in order not to lose the little sanity I had left.

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