New post loves!!

As I was working on a new post today about Gabby Sidibe and whether her being overweight had implications for the entertainment industry and its images of women, I decided, um, what???!!! LOL! Who rlly cares?? I just want to rite about shoes!

Why do I always blog about boring shyte like economics, women, and how much I love Nutella.  I re-read those blogs again and fell asleep!!!!  Who would want to read about that??? hahahah.   And who really cares about Russia? Or Israel?  God, I was such a freak!

So basically, chicas, all shoes all the time now! :) :)Oh and baby bumps and celebrity gossip. Cause that’s how my favorite site, PopSugar, does it!

Here’s the pair I bought last nite.  Hubby said that we couldn’t afford them unless we decided to skip buying a house but I was all like, “Omg!  These are so in style this season and I just seriously need them.  You don’t know anything about shoes.”  So I bought them!! There Loboutins!!  Duh.  I don’t buy any other kind of shoes.   Did you think I was weird or somethin??