Friday Links

How do I know we’re close to the Pentagon? Agents have been surreptitiously checking out  our apartment all the time.  I hope this is not Nicki.

From the blogs:

  1. What types of plotlines in books do you tend to avoid, asks Hannah
  2. Scary Azeri wonders what the deal is with the Western view of depression
  3. Hadassah on tangible things as gateways to memories (the key reason I’ve been having trouble trashing stuff)
  4. Emily on how sad it is to let go of childhood

From the internet:

  1. The marriage question, this time by Megan McArdle
  2. Ethnological dress of my people drawings-really cute
  3. Why vanity keeps women poor
  4. Google Maps, re purposed
  5. Heavy metal in Morocco
  6. Blogs about professions -this is a really cool idea



4 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Oh Vicki, thank you so much for this! You are most kind. I suppose Real is as Real does, or something. Thank you.

    (And shabbat shalom in your new place! Make sure to make sheyehiyanu!)

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