Friday Links

I still have dreams about my collie, Babe, so here's a picture of a collie romping in a spring field.


I have a MASSIVE list of links for you this week.   Something else might be massive this weekend, because Mr. B and I are doing taxes.

From le blogs:

  1. Happy Ada Lovelace Day! from the Harpies
  2. Why Eastern Europeans don’t smile, from ExpatHarem AND, thanks to that, I found a new blog I’ll be following: Scary Azeri!
  3. An interview with STFU Parents founder B (includes placentas!)
  4. Zolotoy telenok (or, The Little Golden Calf) from Languagehat
  5. Now Ruz in Almaty, Kazakhstan (yay, spring!) from NewEurasia
  6. Why Ben and Jerry’s Free cone day isn’t worth it from Economists do it with Models

And, I don’t know what it is in the water, but everyone is blogging about things I’ve been thinking about recently.    Grace described my sentiments exactly about wandering around, and  a post about hating Gen Y blogs from Derek, which I agree with 100%.  (which is probably ironic, given what he’s talking about.)

From les internets:

  1. Why Africa is the next Afghanistan, from Bill Easterly
  2. Russia sucks again. What’s new?
  3. Sectarianism in Lebanon (my favorite link of the week)
  4. Bride and Groom from Waiter Rant
  5. God does not want Russians to enjoy Ikea
  6. Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s with bonus Jewish puns
  7. Which countries do Americans like? (also with quality puns)



7 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Vicki,

    Thanks for the link love! I definitely had no intention of sending any hate, per se, but it certainly sparked a great conversation about, well, the overall conversation. The “Gen Y” bloggers are actually a very talented, awesome crew of people, and I’ve had the good fortune of meeting almost all of them, so I felt as if they might offer some great feedback on the idea that we’re sick of the topical talk. They did, so I was happy to be right:)


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