Friday Links!

Yesterday, Mr. B and I saw Yesterday, Mr. B and I saw but the review might have to wait until next week because today we are getting typhoid shots for India and possibly might die, and this weekend we are hopefully spending outside as much as possible in sunny DC.

From le blogs:

  1. Emily brings it at a Greek restaurant
  2. Chaviva asks, Which hand do you wear your wedding ring on, and more broadly, which hands do you wear rings on in general and what does it mean?
  3. Shira writes about her house tour of Michal Negrin, the famous and eclectic Israeli designer
  4. I just discovered a new blog about what Afghanistan is really like with tons of pics
  5. And, the portrait of a young Darth Vader.
  6. Allie’s Hair Cut.

From la interwebs:

  1. Divorced at age 12
  2. Why people believe what they believe politically
  3. What a cool series about international road signs
  4. About the Turkish language (for extreme language nerds)
  5. Politically incorrect chess sets, including Jews vs. Hellenists (hat tip: Marginal Revolution)