Russian Tweetup: February 28

My online friend Karyn organizes D.C. language meetups on a frequent basis, and now she is organizing a Russian-language chat on Twitter, so you should come, if you’re into learning Russian.

So it’s settled, I’m hosting my first Russian Tweetup on February 28th at 1:00pm EST/GMT-5 (1:00pm = 21:00 Moscow time) and you’re invited! (Click here if you need help with time zones.)

Here’s the deal,

  • Everyone will log onto Twitter on the day and time specified above.
  • Simply tweet as you normally would, but follow each post with this hashtag: #rltu (Russian language Tweetup)
  • You will need to run a search for this hashtag to follow all the tweets. You can do this simply through Twitter, but it’s best to use an application like TweetDeck, or HootSuite.
  • The point is to practice Russian, so tweets should be in Russian.
  • It’s a good idea to have a Russian/English dictionary open at the same time in case you need help. is a good one.
  • The Tweetup will last an hour.