Remember when I was trying to lose weight through the power of economics?  Well, I’m having another go at it.  So far…success!  Almost.    Also, remember how I used to have links on Fridays and then I stopped and you were probably like, what the heck?  Well, I got lazy.  So I’m going to try to bring them back. At least for this week.   After the trauma comic.

Blog posts that were really cool this week:

1. Neil posts moving pictures from his father-in-law’s bedroom
2. Monica (my friend from middle school and all throughout high school) is starting anew in Colorado
3. Jodi of Economists Do it with Models covers Valentine’s Day
4. Mohamed writes about Valentine’s Day in Cairo, just for moi
5.  Maia records delightful Hebrew/English (Hebrish) puns

Links that were really cool this week:

1.  You can travel the Trans-Siberian railroad, from home via Google Maps!
2.  The Russian figure skaters are coming!
3.  About women in Afghanistan ( a topic I can’t stop thinking about)
4.  Canada is fired from the Olympics




12 thoughts on “Nutellaaaaaaa

  1. You know I dig the comic.

    As for being healthier about eating, kudos. With the 24-hour grocery store two blocks over and one block down, I can, on a whim, go buy a pint of ice cream. …And I do. I tend to justify this by running (and one of my favorite bars has a running club! Run, pasta, beer, yessss), but I am sorely out of shape compared with many people in crazy Denver. As of this summer, I’ll have pretty much no choice but to be better, though: I am buying a share in community-supported agriculture, so when I crave something I’ll be cookin’ up some creamed kale instead of my impulse ice cream buys. Are there co-ops in Maryland? Way to hold yourself accountable with the public posts. :)

  2. Eating healthier doesn’t mean avoiding all things sweet. Dark chocolate, for example, is amazing — it has lots of things we need to be healthy and satisfies the craving. Just get a small Ghirardelli square, for example, and let it melt on your tongue. It’s soooo worth it!

    Also, yay for the return of Friday links!

    1. It does for me because once I have a little bit, I have more. Eventually, I’ll start buying Hershey’s kisses because you can portion them out. But the Ghirardelli trick sounds like torture :)

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