A few brief thoughts today: shuttle launches, the Olympics, and why Russians are racist

1. Shuttle Launch

I stalk/read Rubinary.com pretty frequently, because it’s cool to see how other Russian-speaking couples live and also blog about it. I always tell Mr. B that he should co-blog with me, but he always tells me that, if we’re going to blog together, he’ll just blog about his normal topics.  So I back down for the sake of your sanity.   Also, Mr. Rubinary has the same name as Mr. B.  Also, they take awesome photographs of their awesome apartment and I am very frequently jealous.  So, when I read their latest post, I couldn’t help but be extremely excited for them.   What I really want to commend them on, aside from wishing them a big mazal tov, is how methodical they are about the whole thing,

On the other hand we were planning it for a while now, and everything worked out almost as planned. During the Spring of 2009 we made a decision. We went to see a doctor to make sure everything is OK.

Seeing as Mr. B is also a Man of Science, Mom, I’d urge you to expect a similar process.  Like the shuttle launch, this stuff has to be done in sequence.  And, like the next shuttle launch, this process will be starting approximately never and demand more and more government funding.  Take that analogy as you will.

2.  The Olympics

I had no blogging topic today, so I outsourced it.  Because, remember, I am lazy.

And within minutes, I had help:


So, thank you, Twitter, for making me even lazier.   Fortunately, I’ve already written about the topic, so I don’t even need to do that.

3. Elsewhere

On a more serious note, at Walrus, I am writing lots of nasty, nasty things about Russia, like why Russia hates its black community and how Moscow is a pretty crappy city.