No Photoshop Thursday today, for a good reason :)

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking of Le Blog lately. Actually, I always do a lot of tweaking on this blog, the same way I keep coming back to that last slice of ice cream cake, picking at it, taking off the little chocolate chips, then eating a corner, then oh, what the hell I’ll eat the whole thing.

I’ve been thinking about how to be a more entertaining blogger, a more useful blogger,  and generally about how to Lift Humanity’s Spirits.  Also reduce the national deficit.  Just as Steve Jobs announced the cure for cancer yesterday, I am excited to announce the launch of a couple of other things on my domain name,

Blog Changes

First, this blog will become more personal in nature, as you can probably tell from my new masthead (click to enlarge):

Which differs from my old masthead (click to enlarge):


Second, I’m splitting out writing about international affairs (and, to an extent, econ) to a separate blog called The Walrus and the Carpenter. Come and visit! I will be writing about the Middle East, India, and why I’m so obsessed with Afghanistan (hint: the kebab.)  Discussions about my mother’s disappointment in me will take place only on this blog, as scheduled.



Third,  there will be no more Photoshop Thursdays because all of my writing, Photoshop, and other creations are now going into my portfolio!  which you can see and subscribe to the RSS feed:

Hooray!  A big thank you to Mr. B, who solved all my technical problems throughout this process (although he did have to be bribed with borscht.) And thank you to you for reading :)