Friday Links: Hebrussian Edition

Finally Friday and finally Hannukah!

I have yet to review  the DCJCC Film Festival (going on through Sunday!) films I saw yesterday-coming next week, along with a review of Japan took the J.A.P. out of me and a couple of other things.

Before I forget, I also wrote Hebrussia this week for Alef magazine, about the combination of Hebrew and Russian.

  1. Iraqis in Jordan, in pictures.

2.  The closure of McClatchy in Jerusalem

3.  Female Saudi television presenters

  1. In which countries do children have the worst teeth?

5.  Are Israelis rude?

6.  Flowchart helping you decide what to eat

7.  Good news!  The Dubai crisis is great for budget travellers!

8.  And the recession is over in the DC area even before it started. But we knew that.

9.  The origins of Sovietology