NaNoWriMo: Day 2


Total so far: 5,256 words. I am making good progress.  Thank you especially to your comments and responses about accountants and bridal registries…I might have to rethink Michael being an accountant since it seems he would want to kill himself even harder than he does now.  But, all in all, going smoothly so far.  Michael has discovered he needs to move out of his house (mainly because he is 29 and his mom is still folding his laundry), has attended a wedding of an obese second-cousin turned religious (hence the wedding registry question), and is now at the reception, seated near several uncomfortably pregnant women.  In the meantime, he is awaiting a call from his best friend, Genya (Eugene), telling him that Genya has cousins in Israel for Michael to meet since Michael is terrified of Russian American girls.  Also, if you follow me on Twitter, you can follow the writing of the novel even faster, with updates such as this:

Picture 4I can’t believe I’m writing this and that I think people might actually want to read this.  Maybe after heavy medication. Or drinking.

Questions for today:

  1. Is it dangerous for pregnant women to sit near loudspeakers? (as in concerts/clubs?) How often do pregnant women have to go to the bathroom if they are, say, 5-7 months along?

2.  What do people do when they’re nervous and don’t know anyone? (check their cell phone? fidget with their watch?) What do you do when you’re nervous?