NaNoWriMo: Day 11


Well, I’m almost at the half-way mark (23,235 words).  Michael is on his way to Jerusalem, continuing the next part of his trip, not having had any success with the ladies yet, and has left his host family and struck out on his own. I’ve been supplementing my research with a little bit of audio-visual material. The first has been watching Moscow on the Hudson on the recommendation of friends, and so far (we’ve only watched half)  it’s been wonderful.  More to come on this movie later.

The second bit of research has devastated me.  Did you know that there are other Russian Jews, talking about being Russian Jews out there?  And that they’re a million times funnier than I am?  Yeah, I didn’t think it was possible, either.   But here is Boris Zilberman, talking about how much he hates his Russian name.  Goal?  To try to interview him for le blog.

Questions for today:

  1. Do you think I’ll ever finish writing this novel?

  2. Would you have the courage to set out on your own in a strange country to sightsee?