Finally Friday!

Today marks the confluence of a couple of things:

1. I’ve reached the 25,000 word mark on my novel!  That’s half-way.  Now the rest should be downhill, right? At this point, I’m going on 6 hours of sleep. If you’re interested in seeing my writing graphed mathematically, my awesome friend @carolejesse had done just that.

2.  It’s Mr. B’s birthday!  He’s turning a quarter of a century.  That means he should now be wise, right?

3.  I’m guest-posting on my friend Hadassah’s blog, about “My Judaism.”  It’s a long and sordid tale, so you can head over to check it out if you’re interested.

Here are some Friday links for you (because I definitely skipped last week):

  1. Why giving money to beggars doesn’t help the poor in India (or elsehwere) by my online and offline friend GoriGirl
  2. The very bad poetry contest: The Fruit Standkeeper, Wroclaw
  3. Russia’s conquering zeros (Mr. B says this article isn’t entirely true)
  4. Feminism and the road trip
  5. Beautiful Lake Baikal.



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