NaNoWriMo: Day 9


NaNoWriMo Day 9: 20,133 words total!  I broke the 20k threshold!  Not without help from people on Twitter last night when I asked questions such as:

Picture 1and was graciously provided with the name Leora by @MarkSoFla and @YonitDM.

As gleaned from your comments last go around, a dinner date at a house would be disastrous, and it was. Without giving too much away (I have to leave some surprises in this novel somehow if it ever gets published-ever being the operative word) let’s just say not only was there colorblindness, but there was more, and all the elements came together well.  Today, Michael is headed to his second dinner and meeting, in Rishon LeTziyon, learning more about Israel and about himself in the process.


  1. How to best get from Ashdod to Rishon LeTziyon? By sheirut? Or by bus? (you know what Michael’s mom will think about that one.)

2.  Do you have any overbearing relatives?  How do you deal with them in general ?

Off to write!