Friday Links and Friday Comic

It’s the end of a long week. For those who just stopped by to comment this week, thanks immensely.  For your pleasure, ladies, gents, minerals and vegetables:


It really does.  Click to enlarge.  Click to find out more about Natan Sharansky (who I actually had the immense priviledge of meeting!), Avigdor Lieberman, and Sukkot.


  1. This is a damn shame.
  2. Nobel Prize for Literature didn’t go to me.  Again.
  3. I would be mad at the Nobel Chemistry Winner, but she is just too cute with her family.
  4. Palestinian Ocktoberfest=Sweeeet.
  5. I love this take on the Hezbollah flag, which says Islamic love instead of Islamic resistance.
  6. Great post, some of which I disagreed with.  My comments at the bottom.
  7. Russian intermarriage on the rise
  8. How cool is this??
  9. Smart, non-gimmicky weight loss
  10. How not to suck at blogging.  I try.  What do you think, how am I doing?  Is my content relevant and interesting to you?