Friday Comic and Friday Links!

It’s baby fever time in the family!



  1. Pictures of the last barber of Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. Held by the Taliban, a very touching five-part series
  3. I can’t wait to see this movie, Slackistan
  4. Traveling around Lake Baikal with beautiful pics
  5. Soros says, it’s time to rethink economics
  6. Why men should give women flowers
  7. Real live pictures from Kabul!
  8. Donate your wedding dress for tax benefit
  9. I have fallen in love with this blog
  10. Where are all the lady bloggers? Here’s one! Meee!



8 thoughts on “Friday Comic and Friday Links!

  1. Right on, girlfriend!

    You can tell them you want to keep the babymaking as the grand event for your 10 year anniversary. Hopefully they’ll forget by then, and not nag you again.

  2. We always say “we’re just practicing.” Makes them stop the commenting for a bit as both sets of parents are Soviet-bred, and we all know there was no sex in the Soviet Union.

  3. I don’t care much for the advices Vicki gets from her readers. But seeing what Vicki does in her spare time I think they better wait. For their future kids’ sake.

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