Guest Post: Now Boarding…..rows Aleph thru Zayin

_Note: Can you believe I’m still in Israel? Do you miss me? Ok, so this isn’t really a guest post.  It’s more like I bugged Extremely Funny Blogger and Amazing American oleh (immigrant to Israel) Benji Lovitt to write a blog post while I was in Israel, but he was probably too busy being a Big Deal Comedian in Israel to come up with a post (either that, or he didn’t want his name associated with someone who spells humus without a C), so I just stole some of his material from 2006.  Enjoy!


The last week of the year…always a popular week to travel. In the States, a time to turn on your “out of office” and use your unusued vacation days. And in Israel, a time to welcome the flood of Americans who visit Israel on a mission, a school trip, work-related event, or stam (just because). A few hundred of those visitors are here this week visiting their kids on Year Course which means a few extra work events for me, meeting with parents and showing them what their kids have been up to for the last 4 months). One of these events happens to be in Eilat, a gala dinner for all of our British participants and their parents. When the opportunity arose to take my first domestic flight within Israel (and recap it for you, my loyal readers), you can bet I jumped at it.

How many spelling mistakes did you find? If you said “three”, you win! (If you didn’t, please email me your picture so I can make fun of you in my next entry.)
“Security, come in, security, come in. We have an unidentified sitter. OVER.”
What’s that? It’s been a month since the last Bar Rafaeli reference?
Welcome to my blog, random Google searchers!

“If you look to the left, you’ll see where our neighbors want to push us into.”

That concluded my flight. 45 minutes and we made it to Eilat. Nicely done, Arkia. If only I knew how my bags ended up in Maui.