Friday Links 9.11.09

Today is September 11.  That’s crazy.  I can’t believe it’s been eight years since 9/11.   I remember when it first happened, I was in 10th grade and didn’t really process what was going on. I thought it was a joke.  I still haven’t.

  1. Russian aliyah (immigration to Israel) has rescued Israel, says Bibi, as he kisses major voter butt
  2. How to wear a ghotra. Not that I ever will, but I wish I could.
  3. Help write  a chick lit novel in real-time.
  4. Neil, a great writer for all blog posts, is especially good at family history.
  5. A dialectical Marxist critique of the Crayola Factory.  Amazing.
  6. Bibi goes to Moscow, shady-like.
  7. Rafael Nadal, Mr. B’s favorite tennis player, is surprised.
  8. How cool is this! A trans-Siberian train ride.
  9. Don’t you wish your last name was hot like mine?
  10. Hating on Michael Cera.