Mom’s birthday

It’s my mom’s birthday.


To celebrate, I came up with a list of ten reasons why she is my favorite mom.

10.  She has a pair of Elie Tahari sandals that she bought by accident (because she never buys brand name shoes), and always tells everyone that she has brand name shoes, but when they ask her which brand, she doesn’t remember, so she says Pavarotti, and starts singing opera.
9.   She loves Mr. B and cooks him lots of foods when we come on weekends so I don’t have to.
8.  Where do you think I get my sarcasm from?
7.   I can hear her laughing from five rooms away. Even in DC.
6.  She’s never afraid to try something new, including sushi and South African food.
5.  She likes feeding fish.

  1. She made me literate in Russian.

3.  She cries every time at Fiddler on the Roof.

2.  She’s the most cheerful and upbeat person I know, balancing out both my and my dad’s Russian pessimism.

1.  She’s the only mom I’ve ever had. I can’t be objective on this one. 😉