Friday Links 8.28.09

I am in Israel! But the links are still here.  And they are sad. Hey, links, you should have booked your ticket on El Al, too.

1.  Russian Jews ponder the age-old question: America or Israel. Unfortunately a question too close to my heart.  (Thanks, Sarah!)

2.  Hillary Clinton’s relevant again.  Or something.

3.  Locks of love in Russia (real locks, not hair.)

4.  Jewish classics set to Latin beats.  This is so cool.

5.  Orchids: the whores of the flower world.

6.  Milena is right, as usual.

  1. Want to learn Arabic?  All roads point to Damashq. (Damascus)

  2. What your tattoo location says about you (thanks, Negev Rock City!)

9.  As he was greeting them, he was eating shwarma and licking his lips.

10.  Progress!