BMWs in song across cultures

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There comes a time in every Russians’ life when, due to genetic programming they want a BMW. Or, at least, they want to post for pictures with BMWs that make them seem like a bad mutha.

I tried to find some picture examples for you on VKontakte, which is the Facebook ripoff Russians use, but all I came up with was this enigma:

Picture 2

That time in my life when I lusted after a BMW was after I had been working a year.  I decided I was Hot Stuff and made it my life goal to save up for a 300-series.  I got to about $500 in my ING account before I gave up, realizing that not only would I need to shell out 50k for  a car I would be subsequently too scared to drive, but also that I would have to buy premium gas AND get one of those obnoxious faux-European license plates.

The Jewish won.

Fortunately for me, I can still satisfy my BWM craving through songs.   There are many, many songs about BMWs in popular culture.

Let’s start with Russian:  Cherniy Boomer (Black Beamer) is a song from a serial named Boomer, which is, surprisingly enough, has its plot revolving around a black BMW.

The lyrics basically revolve around how Seryega, the rapper, is pretty ugly and comes from the Russian ghetto, but, through perseverance, and the fact that he has a 7-series, he gets all the ladies. The beginning has him filling up the gas, the part which raises my blood pressure the most.

Then there is the song by Israeli group Etnix, BMW Shchora, which means, SURPRISE!, Black Beamer.  But their song is more mocking the whole cool guy/BMW scene, as can be seen by the lyrics.

Then there’s Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style, which coins the phrase, Beemin’.  How does one Beem?  I’ll never find out because I am a Cheap Jew. This video also tells you that if your man gets buck wild, you can hit em up style by spending all of his money at Nieman Marcus. Good to know, in case Mr. B misbehaves. Except all I’d have to do was probably threaten him that I’m going to TJ Maxx. He would never believe I’d even go to Neiman Marcus. I think I’ll hit im upstyle at Marshall’s.

And of course, there is the comprehensive and carefully curated list of BMW songs.

Just enough to tide me over until I buy one.  So, never. Can’t wait to buy this one.