Friday Links.

Discuss amongst yourselves.  I am beat from the fasting!

  1. This woman is trying to be Indian and she is slightly crazy (thanks, Gori Girl!)
  2. A directory of beautiful color pictures from the early 1900s in Russia
  3. The economics of Somali pirates from Wired with beautiful data visuals
  4. Pictures of leaders who love statues from BBC
  5. The black and white clock from a Russian designer
  6. Ian Frazier takes a road trip across Siberia in the New Yorker (thanks, Negev Rock City!)
  7. Jane reflects on volunteering for the JUFs Russian Jewish Leadership Forum in Chicago
  8. A controversial article by Lisa Goldman had everyone in Israel/Jewish community on Twitter talking today
  9. A very cool new data visualization exploration engine by Jeff Clark of Cyanova (thanks, @CaroleJesse!)
  10. Beautiful map of healthcare costs by state



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