The First DC Jewish Tweetup!


Frustrated by the sense of isolation from the Jewish community in Washington DC and also because I was jealous of the Tel Aviv Beer-Up, I decided to see if there was interest in having a Jewish tweetup around here.  @Awapy felt exactly the same, and, being in marketing, went to work. Whereas I had the vision, she created a bunch of press releases and tirelessly reached out to Jewish organizations.  She was the Weizmann to my Herzl.

@Awapy decided to put the hashtag on her back…in case anyone got lost.


Hooray, it’s some ladies from @the RAC, one of whom is @KatyComeTrue.


And @aimster215.  She regaled us with her tales of Tokyo.


Oh my.  It’s Mr. B and @Awapy.  Mr. B is not on Twitter.  Yet.   We’ll grind him down.  Eventually.


And then @HeebinDc and his friend, Kel-Kel came by.   She’s not on Twitter, either.  Yet.


@Awapy and @16thstreetj.  He had free swag, so we liked him right away.


And then @JulieMinevich showed up.  She is a social media goddess.  I tried to ger her to tell me her trade secrets, but then got distracted.  With a rum and Coke.


And then, all of a sudden, @BuberZionist showed up.  He’s a pretty nice guy. We didn’t talk a lot about politics, surprisingly.  Also, by this time, I was well into my first drink.


@Awapy seems to be in a lot of these pictures.  Hmmm.  But here’s @jfoodgeek, the craziest Arjewtinian I’ve met (also the only one) and @RobinYasinow, who has her own business.  I asked her a ton of questions about it.  I hope I didn’t scare her.


Yay.  It’s @chavalahh, who has a sweet editorial gig.  And a lady whose name I completely forget (Susan,I think) who is not on Twitter, but everyone told her she should be.


And then there’s @peelapom.  She incorporates elements of paganism and Wiccan tradition into Judaism.  She is cool.

dsc01457We look like we’re having a pretty ok time.

dsc01452Oh yeah, then there was that.  It says We Love Jewlicious.  But not because we’re suckups or anything.




3 thoughts on “The First DC Jewish Tweetup!

  1. I must admit, I had a great time…but why does the only picture of me make me look like i swallowed a small hedgehog?

  2. It was a bit surprising the politics were not discussed that much, considering the overwhelming-ness of politics on twitter.

    Definitely to organize another one of these – maybe even do them on a semi-regular basis. Considering the success of the inaugural dcjtweetup, I nominate you and @awapy for the next one, as well.

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