Memorial Day


I think Memorial Day’s a great idea in principle.  But the problem with Memorial Day is that it doesn’t mean anything in the United States, where only 1% or less of the population is military veterans. If you are a military family, it means a lot to you.  You are proud of the service and you have your relatives that have served in uniform.  But it’s really sad that the rest of the population is out shopping and everyone from the radio to the television offer trite platitudes.  It also doesn’t help that a lot of American forays that have killed a lot of troops (Afghanistan, Iraq, Nicaragua, Somalia, Vietnam…..) have been due to money interests, not necessarily national defense and what’s best for America.

As I’ve heard before, “The Marines are at war.  America is at the mall.”

Maybe I’m just bitter.   Anyway, if you or someone you know have served, my allegorical hat goes off to you.




2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. How cool would it be if the association between “Memorial’s day” and “Volunteer for a day to support the troops” was even half as strong as between “Thanksgiving” and “turkey” ?

  2. Yeah, that would be great. I’m wondering if there’s a strong sense of moral duty to support Indian soldiers? Or if the same concept exists in other countries as well. It definitely does in Israel, but that’s a special case.

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