A failure of a Jew: clothes discounts and budgeting

All of my life, I was taught NEVER to buy retail pricing.  Not so much taught not to buy, as we just never did it.  We just went right back to the sales racks.  Pants for $48?  That’s ridiculous, when last season’s pants were $20.  In fact, up until I was 18, I don’t think I bought a single piece of clothing over $40.

Even now, it is unnatural for me to buy something full-price.  Which is why I knew I had to have this sweater from Old Navy:

on632596-08p01v01But in blue.  It was exactly my style.  But it was $25.  I agonized over this decision for two weeks.  I even left a comment on the blog where I found this sweater.    I went to the store, I thought about it.  I thought about how much utility I would get out of this sweater.  Then, I bought it.  I cried the whole way home.  They were tears of Jews past who had not bought retail.

“You’re assimilating,” they cried.

But that sweater was AMAZING.  And I’ve been wearing it once a week for the past oh, 6 weeks, coming out to, so far, $4.17 a week.  It would be one thing if I hadn’t ever worn it.  But I’ve been wearing that sucker.

That’s why I cried today when I saw it on sale at Old Navy for $11.50.

What do you think? Should I have waited, or was it worth buying it?

By the way, I’m currently stalking a $50 trench coat.  Yes, I know I’m crazy.  It’s my lot in life.