Less Politics, More Interior Design

Every day, I strive to be like this woman.  I hope she doesn’t mind me linking to her blog, because she is amazing.Basically, not only does she work, she also cleans and cooks and does EVERYTHING, every day.  And she does it cheerfully and gives helpful hints. I read her blog a lot to get decorating tips, as well as general house tips, such as this one, in which she talks about how to set up a medicine cabinet:

The first part being because space in a medicine cabinet, like this one for instance, is often quite limited. With items you use daily like dental care, hair care, and cosmetic, products filling the space, items of irregular use, should be stored and contained in alternative areas like under-cabinet, wall shelving, closets and the like.

Secondly, regardless of storage position, medications should not be stored in the bathroom. With the concentration of heat, humidity, and strong temperature and other conditional changes, medicine can lose it’s potency long before it’s expiration date. Rather, be sure to store medications in a cool dry place, safely away from children’s reach

How does she know all of this? Seriously.   This is what ours looks like right now.  Actually, nix that.  I can’t even find my camera to take a picture. *burns with shame*