JJ Abrams opens the box of my childhood

The dismantling of the heart of Star Wars by MBAs eager to cash in on the $4 billion merchandising machine that is, at its core, a genuine human story of triumph, is a horrible thing to watch.


Diaper by diaper and bottle by bottle

It takes time and energy to care for someone learning to become human. It takes even more effort to learn to become a family. This isn’t obvious in our culture.


We are not getting the full story about the choices we make

We all make choices and we all make trade-offs because the laws of physics say you cannot create more time. But what I think is interesting is that this is not the message society gives us, because we never see what other people are giving up.


A Review of the Recent Impressionist Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum

I’ve escaped the house!


How to think in two languages

Just a single word can paint an entire world.